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Coffee Suppliers for Business

Indonesso cover you in every need! Looking for reliable coffee suppliers for business?
We are unique and one of the few coffee companies in Indonesia that can provide coffee in large quantities for hotels.

We care about your business as if it was our own. We fear no rush, and can handle any backroom issues. That’s the dedication that separates us from other coffee suppliers.



  1. Quality
    The world of coffee is constantly expanding, creating more and more options for coffee lovers. Coffee consumers are able to be as picky as they please about the origin and roast of their beans, how their coffee is prepared and who they buy their coffee from. As the coffee market is full of stores and brands, it is even more important to offer high quality to stay in the game. When seeking a supplier that will provide delicious coffee beans, let your taste buds do the work. Whenever possible, visit your supplier’s warehouse and taste the coffee first-hand. Take a look at the equipment they are using for roasting beans and make sure any areas where beans are stored are clean and maintained at temperatures between 68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Coffee beans should be stored in well-ventilated areas with stable temperature, as heat and excess humidity can damage the flavor and quality of the coffee beans.
  2. Minimums and Capacity
    If you’re a new business looking for a coffee supplier, consider both minimums and capacity from the start. While low minimums may seem like a priority at the beginning, consider where your business may be headed in the future. Look for a supplier that can support you in your humble beginnings, but also stay with your company as you strive to achieve future goals.
  3.  Customer Service

    A coffee supplier with excellent customer service will go out of their way to meet your needs and requests, even if they are difficult or high volume. Good customer service means your supplier will adapt to your needs until you are completely satisfied.
    A good supplier will also work with you to determine the best packaging and order volume for your new business. Good customer service means your supplier will provide you with tools and resources that equip you with the knowledge you need to succeed in the coffee industry.

  4. Price
    While the quality of your coffee should always be your top priority, price can also play a role in choosing your coffee supplier. You need a coffee supplier that can offer a fair price for their products so that you can offer reasonable prices to your customers. Customers are willing to pay more for gourmet coffee, and the demand for gourmet coffee has increased in recent years. If you can find a supplier that offers gourmet coffee at a fair price, you can make a profit. The coffee industry is extremely competitive, so customers will go elsewhere if another company offers similar quality products at a better price.



What is the benefit of a coffee supplier?

You have a choice when it comes to coffee suppliers, but you can’t replace Indonesso’s experience, commitment and personal Indonesian touch. Our company is relatively new and yet we have been constantly developing and improving. Our goal is to be a leader among coffee roasters and coffee wholesalers by providing superior customer service, quality product selection, and innovative techniques to deliver the customized solutions our customers need.
We focus only on Indonesia, so we can serve nearly every region of the country and still offer the personal touch of a local coffee wholesaler.

We have served companies of all industries and sizes, working with them individually to provide the service that works best for their business and provides the most value to their customers. With Indonesso as your wholesale coffee supplier, you’ll have a dedicated team that can also provide you with personalized coffee service advice on the latest trends and techniques in the beverage industry, helping you generate satisfied customers and a better ROI.

We also offer you more value through our brand name in the coffee business which stands for honesty, cleanliness and for being environmentally conscious. Indonesso coffee has the Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia (SCAI) seal and thus convinces from the outset. If you are looking for reliable coffee suppliers for business, Indonesso is the right choice. Not only do we convince with taste and quality, but also our coffee is exclusively an Indonesian product and therefore authoritative.

So Indonesso offers you lower costs than the competition with a better taste and without much effort or import. All our products are handmade in Indonesia.

Offer your customers a unique taste experience with Indonesso products that fit any brand of coffee machine.

To learn more about how Indonesso beverage programs can help grow your business, contact us for a quote or schedule an appointment with an Indonesso representative for an on-site assessment.
Indonesso – The search for Coffee Suppliers for Business is over!

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